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Commercial lottery clubs/syndicates

Description                              Rate Maintainer
Australian lottery info and syndicates     9  Lotto Shack
Canadian lottery syndicates                8  Kathy Mario
Lotto World magazine                       8  Lotto World
Canadian lottery results and analysis      8  Buddy Villaluz (Updated)
UK lottery free syndicate                  7  The Telegraph
Texas lottery club, results and analysis   7  Dennis Douglas
Texas lottery syndicate                    7  Texas Lotto Club
UK lottery syndicate                       6  M.T. Green
Lottery club                               6  Interserve 2000
German lottery club                        6  LottoTeam Online (Updated)
Commercial PC lottery software/club        6  Entertainment On-line
Commercial Irish Lottery syndicate         6  Irish Lottery Syndicates
Lottery club and software                  5  Jackpot Lotto Club
International lottery club                 5  T.M.C. Marketing, Inc. (Updated)
New York lottery club                      5  Orlando World Services (Updated)
US lottery club                            5  NLC Enterprises
Canadian lottery syndicate                 4  Millionaire's Lottery Club
Lottery syndicate                          4  Logistics Service Corp.
US lottery syndicate                       4  Chance-of-a-Lifetime Inc. (Updated)
UK lottery syndicate                       3  Vincent O'Brien
UK lottery syndicate                       3  Mal Kaufman
Colorado and Powerball lottery club        3  Cherts'n'Nummers
Outback Lotto Club                         3  TEAMwork International (Updated)
Florida Lottery Club                       2  Lot O Winners, Inc.


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