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The UK National Lottery Synopsis

The table below briefly summarises how the UK National Lottery operates:

Ticket:          Up to 7 sets of 6 unique numbers (1 to 49) for up to 16 draws
Ticket cost:     £1 per set of 6 numbers per draw - cannot be resold
Typical sales:   £60 million, rising to £63 million for rollovers
Draw frequency:  Every Saturday and Wednesday evening - ticket sales close at 19.30 GMT
Balls drawn:     6 main balls plus a bonus ball from a single set of 49 balls
Ball sets:       One set randomly selected from 10 possible ball sets
Machine:         One machine randomly selected from 4 possible machines
Next Televised:  Saturday, BBC 1, 19.50-20.15 GMT (draw at 20.13 GMT)
Next Results:    Saturday, BBC 1, 21.15 GMT approx.
Prize structure: Proportion of ticket sales/rollovers, except 3-match (£10)
Super Draws:     5% of sales reserved for "top-ups" every 3-4 months approx.
Jackpot prize:   Dependent on # of jackpot winners - Wed: £4m, Sat: £8m
Jackpot chance:  1 in 13,983,816
Any prize odds:  54 to 1 approx.
Max rollovers:   4. After 5 jackpot-winless draws, pool goes to 5+bonus winners
Prize %age:      45% of the total staked for each draw is returned as prizes
Winnings:        Single lump sum tax-free payment
Legal players:   16 years of age or older and resident in or visiting the UK

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