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Lotto Monday Spoiler additional draw

On Saturday 29th April 2006, Camelot decided to seemingly spoil the forthcoming launch of the "Monday draw" (which will actually have two draws that your ticket enters into each Monday) that is run by their rivals, Chariot. It involved one additional 6 from 49 (no bonus ball) draw and anyone buying a ticket for that Saturday's main "Lotto" draw (including subscribers) had their 6 numbers also automatically entered into that draw at no additional cost (so £1 bought an entry into two draws).

The additional draw only had one prize: a £5m jackpot, which will be shared if more than one person wins the jackpot.

Main Lotto Draw:

Information for this draw can be found separately but note that 36,585,995 tickets were entered into both this draw and the additional draw below.

Additional Draw:

Winning numbers drawn at 8.25pm BST on Saturday 29th April 2006:

Sorted order: 4 10 23 36 37 49

Drawn order: 37 36 49 23 4 10

Machine: Topaz, Ball set: 2

Number of jackpot winners: 3 (£1,666,667 each - ?? claimed)


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