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Lotto 10th Anniversary draw

On Saturday 6th November 2004, Camelot held a 10th anniversary draw in the style of a Lotto Extra draw, where every ticket (including subscriptions) bought for that Saturday's main Lotto draw was also entered for free into a 6 from 49 draw with no bonus ball. A single jackpot prize pool of £10m was available, with odds of 13,983,816 to 1 to win a share of it.

Main Lotto Draw:

Information for this draw can be found separately. but note that 48,417,272 tickets were entered into both this draw and the additional draw below.

Additional Draw:

Winning numbers drawn at 10.05pm GMT on Saturday 6th November 2004:

Sorted order: 05 17 23 26 42 48

Drawn order: 17 05 42 48 26 23

Machine: Moonstone, Ball set: 8

Number of jackpot winners: 6 (prize: £1,666,667 each - 3 remain unclaimed)


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