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The Chances Of Winning The UK National Lottery

The chance of you winning any of the above prizes is approximately 54 to 1 - it is reckoned an average of one million people per draw will win a prize.

Using some computer software I wrote, I calculated how many prizes would be won if all combinations of the 13,983,816 tickets were bought:

Category     Prizes        Chances
Jackpot           1    1 in 13,983,816
5+bonus           6    1 in  2,330,636
5-match         252    1 in     55,491.33
4-match      13,545    1 in      1,032.40
3-match     246,820    1 in         56.66

Total 260,624 1 in 53.66
Needless to say, this exactly tallies with the more theoretical version that I described above.

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