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Gail Howard

URL: http://www.gailhoward.com/

Maintained by: Gail Howard

Rating: 6/10

Last connected OK: This week

I'm sorry, but I've got to be sceptical when Gail claims to have helped people win $97.4 million and yet she's seems to have won nothing herself (nothing mentioned in the "About" section about Gail winning the lottery for instance). If she had used her own system and won big, why would she be selling lottery software and books on these pages ? :-) She should be a multi-millionaire and not need these Web pages at all ! At least the site now has a online secure form, which surprisingly it didn't have for quite a while and the Links section is up and running now as well. Amazingly, her lawyers contacted our organisation about this review (which is why it's been updated and uprated an extra mark out of 10) and even incredibly complained that we'd used the full name of the site in the HTML of the review (which is Gail Howard's S***t L**k - legally, apparently I'm not allowed to spell it out in full).


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