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Official California Lottery site

URL: http://www.calottery.com/

Maintained by: California Lottery

Rating: 8/10

Last connected OK: This week

Quite a nicely presented official site here, with plenty of solid info behind the pleasing presentation, which has recently been revamped. The lottery balls on the various lottery sub-pages numbers are absolutely gigantic, are separate graphics and have no transparency. The site could do with a little bit of interactivity as well e.g. generate random tickets or check your winning numbers (they have a page called "Are You A Winner ?" but it doesn't let you check your tickets interactively). Perhaps the biggest fault with the site, which they admit on each game's page, is that the results "page is updated on the morning after the draw". This is poor for an official site - it should be updated on the same day as the draw !


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