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New Zealand Lotto results

URL: http://lotto.nzpages.net.nz/

Maintained by: Jason Walker

Rating: 9/10

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This site has had a major graphical revamp, although this does mean that the home page takes a long time to load (each ball is an individual graphic) and there's the graphics designer "disease" of a lack of upper case in places (e.g. "new zealand lotto results"). Jason tends to "downsize" his fonts, making them slightly harder to read (on my system anyway), but he's added a frequency barchart now (not sure why it's a Java applet though !).

There's a very spiffy Java applet to pick random numbers on the ticket (which is an exactly graphical duplicate of a real ticket), but it seemed to take forever to generate the numbers (extra connections for the lucky dip number "graphics", if my hard disk's activity is anything to go by). Oh, there's a guestbook (complete with reduced-size text for previous entries, hmmmm), a results mailing list, winning ticket rules and past results. Perhaps some more analysis (pairs, triples, last appearance etc.) would improve the pages, but these are starting to look quite professional (although I doubt he's got permission to use the official logo or ticket layout :-) ).


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